Statement Pieces That Make Your Home Stand Out

A single piece of furniture or home decor that screams attention can instantly transform the look of your entire home. Sometimes, all you need is a simple statement maker to spare yourself from doing a major crib overhaul. If you’ve already collected a fair number of eye-catching pieces, the next thing to do is to just make it work.

But if you’re still stuck on a rut as to which items to add to your space, be on the lookout for some of these innovative pieces, and pick out the ones that will suit your home.

Green Is In

Plants are a foolproof way to incorporate a breath of fresh air to the four corners of your home. Not only do they have some air-purifying and stress-reducing capabilities, but they can also significantly change the vibe of your space, softening architectural elements and serving as an elegant distraction to an awkward corner.

Simply put, they instantly bring life into a dull room, and life is something that you want your family and guests to feel. Just make sure to pick plants that are almost indestructible when placed in any home. After all, you can’t be bothered with looking after them and taking most of your time.

Artisanal Pieces Always Work

Artisanal crafts can add a unique, personal touch when placed in any interior space. There’s just something refreshing in seeing handcrafted pieces more than factory-chain ones, which immediately draw all eyes in the room to them. Artisan-inspired vases can upgrade any entry table.

Instead of a factory-made chandelier, handcrafted lighting furniture makes ideal centerpieces since it easily brings out one’s curiosity and keeps a story waiting to be told. You don’t need to worry about incorporating such pieces into your polished interior decor as many talented craftsmen can easily adapt their customized pieces to the contemporary style.

Spa-like Bathrooms Are a Thing

Bold-color-themed bathrooms and eye-popping graphic tiles are some of the things that you need to leave behind in 2017. This year, turning your bathrooms into a tranquil, spa-like space is the thing. After all, bathrooms should give off a relaxing, oasis-like atmosphere.

Go back to nature, and incorporate wooden pieces into your bathroom. Not only will it look neat and cozy, but it will also add a dash of rustic midcentury style to your home. A bamboo bath mat or a stylish wooden sink is a great piece idea you can look for.

If you are about to create a new bathroom from scratch, consider getting Saniflo toilets to save you from the hassle of installing new plumbing and ripping up your entire floor, making it easier for you to design your bathroom yourself.

Add Curves to Edges

True, sharp edges bring out a modern, sophisticated ambience, but a room that’s crazy about clean lines and straight edges can make it look dull and lifeless. To balance the elements in a room, you can add soft curves by putting U-shaped armchairs, rugs, or bar carts into your desired space. They do not only complement your interior design, but also add a cozier, more inviting feel into it.

Indeed, this kind of furniture that hugs around you, like curved chairs, looks and feels more comfortable than the long rectangular ones. They don’t just make a statement, but also offer a warm welcome to your guests and loved ones. What’s that for hitting two birds in one stone in the style upgrade department?

A Pop of Color

First impression lasts, and your home’s first impression to your visitors is your front door. Not to be neglected, the front door serves as a sneak peek of what your friends and family will be expecting inside. There are lots ways to beautify your door, but you might want to pay attention to your unused paints kept at your garage. It is important to take note though that different kinds of color can stimulate different kinds of emotions.

Pastel colors bring a soft, calming effect to your eyes. If you want your door to be a standout piece in your home, then a bright crimson paint will do. In Feng Shui, it is also believed that red attracts attention, fame and prosperity. If you’re opting for a minimalistic look, going for a monochrome exterior will do the trick and these colors will always be classic.

Decorating your door is also as important as making it secured. No matter how much effort you put into it, make sure you don’t invite thieves. You can test it yourself by using some nifty lock picking tools on your door knobs. Install peepholes on your front door too so you know who’s knocking before opening the door.

Get Creative

If you don’t have these statement pieces, you can still get any item or furniture to be a standout in your home. All you need are a dash of creativity, some tools, and an open imagination, and you’re another step closer to achieving a uniquely artistic yet fully functional and comfy home.