Residential Architecture Trends To Watch Next Year

Any architect worth their salt will have a good grasp on current architecture trends and will be able to analyze these trends, along with any ongoing developments in the field, in order to get a read on how these trends will evolve and where they will lead. There is always a degree of unpredictability to the nature of emerging trends, in part because individual architects can draw inspiration from just about anywhere. This unpredictability helps to keep the field fresh and exciting and also encourages architects, while being mindful of current trends and tastes, to experiment and innovate and, in turn, to help shape the direction the field evolves in. Contemporary architecture is becoming increasingly entwined with technology. For much of human history the only innovations relevant to the evolution of architecture were advances in construction techniques and the production of the necessary raw materials. Now technology such as 3D printing is playing a greater role in the approach we take to construction and the advent of metamaterials; materials which are designed and produced to serve specific functions and to have particular properties. This innovation alone has dramatically altered the way we approach the design and construction of new buildings. Below are some of the key trends in residential architecture which look set to dominate the field for several years to come.

Open Plan Space

Open plan spaces emphasize connectivity and blur the boundaries between the different areas of a home by removing the usual barriers that separate them. By removing the walls, spaces feel more open and this in turn encourages sociability while making the space feel bigger than it actually is. Open plan spaces are also becoming the go to design style for those who regularly entertain guests and want something that will make interaction and sociability as easy as possible. Cities such as Minneapolis feature a lot of single level architecture such as bungalows, and consequently residential architects Minneapolis design many properties well suited to open plan living.

Multiple Master Bedrooms

In many parts of the United States, property prices are rising at such a rate that areas that were once easily affordable are no longer so and property developers are beginning to realize the need to invest in more affordable solutions. One possible answer to this problem is the rise of properties that contain multiple master bedrooms and thus more primary occupants than usual. Multiple master bedroom properties are also a popular choice for those who have multiple generations of their family under their care and allow them to live together under the same roof while being able to maintain relatively separate lives.

Technology First Approach

From wireless charging points to smart home technology, the influence of technology on our everyday lives is growing. And, integrating these technologies into our homes and furniture is also easier than ever before. As these innovations become increasingly consumer friendly, there are more people who wouldn’t normally have any interest in buying the latest tech now seizing the opportunity to do so. Incorporating these technological innovations into architectural designs is becoming an increasingly popular design trend. Residential architecture is a fast moving field and one of the most interesting and varied of all the architectural pursuits. Designing and building homes is incredibly rewarding and it is important to understand the direction that the industry is heading in and why it is doing so.