SPM Architecture is a global community project of architect students, professionals, learners etc from all around the world. SPM Architecture is having collection of more than 10,000 Architect designs such as heritage buildings, homes, bridges, forts etc. It is a open platform for everyone for sharing architect designs. It is the best platform for architect lovers.

Who SPM Architecture Function?

SPM architecture function as a architect design collection for learners from all around the world. People simply share their designs on SPM Architecture in order to share with the world. It is basically follow Hand-to-Hand philosophy. People who like to share design with others post on SPM Architecture so that the others can also view that amazing architect design.

Who can contribute on SPM Architecture?

SPM Architecture is open for everyone. Anyone who want to share Architect design, Can share it by using the ‘Upload Box’ below or by creating account. Membership is not mandatory for sharing any Architectural creation with Community. It is a open platform for all. Anyone can share and access architect designs.

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