5 Tips For Working Effectively With A Toronto Architect

Hiring an architect can really help to simplify the process of planning, designing and constructing or renovating a house. Whatever your project is, if it requires plans, their services are invaluable. The best Toronto architects always ensure that they create the right drawings for getting permits from the city of Toronto. These drawings must strictly adhere to the local safety codes. Without any further hesitation, check out ways you can successfully work with an architect.
  1. Choose the right architect for your project
Finding the right architect is one of the most important success factors of your renovation or construction.  While some architects are “generalists” some architects are “specialists” in some types of projects.  You can find specialists in home additions, residential constructions and commercial projects.  Among the specialists in commercial projects, some will specialize in restaurants, some others in daycare centers, etc. Working with the right specialist can save you a lot of time AND money.  Specialized architects know how to avoid the common pitfalls of a particular domain and create the right plans that will withstand the different approval levels the first time.

2.     The research phase

One of the top benefits of carrying out a research phase with an architect include knowing exactly what you want, what will better fulfill your needs, and sure that the solution fits in your environment and neighborhood. This in turn helps to minimize the costs of the entire project. However, extra costs can be incurred if you keep making a series of changes after the design phase has begun. That’s why it’s important to take the time needed at this phase of the project. During the research phase, you can easily estimate the construction costs and design a realistic budget. This is the appropriate stage to start imagining how your space will function.

3.     Compile lots of fresh ideas

An architect expects their clients to have a good idea of what they want. Information on virtually anything is readily available on the internet. You can take advantage of mobile devices to gather and store the ideas from different sites, blogs and social media pages. Certain design apps also contain tons of cool floor plans and building inspirations. Endeavor to take photos of the designs that you like and document every detail of the project.

4.     Schedule meetings

An initial interview will be set up before hiring any architect. This is a sure way to decide whether they are the right fit for the project or not. The one you finally settle for should have experience and expertise in your type of design project. Remember to share your goals and request the payment and project schedules of their offers. You can quickly know if an architect is a good listener who really understands your needs in how he replies to your questions. Check their portfolios and never hesitate to ask for references. Try contacting a few of their previous clients to make inquiries about their reputation.

5.     Communicate effectively

Some of the architectural terms may be very confusing. If you don’t understand certain things, always ask for clarification. An architect will be able to explain to you in layman’s terms. It’s imperative to communicate your needs and expectations clearly during each process. Before signing any written agreement, understand what it entails. For instance, you can review both the digital and printed versions of your floor plans to better comprehend the project.

6.      Make wise decisions

Making any wrong decision can be very expensive. Consult your architect for advice, especially during the design and construction phases. A typical example includes all budget related decisions. An architect can only predict the cost of your project and not the exact amount. Be honest, with your architect, about your budget before starting the project. He can suggest that you should opt for a cheaper option or postpone some things to later in the future.